2013 Campaign advertisement - Jones for Budget Committee


Vote Rick Griffin to Increase taxes
to subsidize State property

Selectman Rick Griffin is running for re-election - his 4th term. Selectman Griffin is planning to spend his next 3 year term increasing local Hampton taxes to provide further maintenance of State Parks. It's important to vote for Rick Griffin if you truly want to pay more local taxes to subsidize the State Parks.

Griffin asserts that because "the State has done nothing" to maintain it's property, that the Town must to it for them. Griffin further asserts that the Town can afford it because, though "we are the 16th largest Town in population, we are the 6th highest taxed". It is apparent that Rick wants Hampton to move from 6th highest taxed to the 5th highest tax Town in the State of NH - this is Rick's vision for Town growth!!!

If you don't agree with Rick's vision for the future of Hampton, then vote for his only opponent in this race - Mary Louise Woolsey who takes the exact opposite position of Rick and provides a viable alternative to Rick's vision for record breaking tax increases.

Regardless of who you vote for in the Selectman's race, please consider voting Jones for Budget Committee. His position is pointedly clear in both his candidacy announcement, as well as his statement at the PTA candidate's night.

Jones and Woolsey both oppose increasing taxes to subsidize the State of NH. They clearly stand in opposition to Rick Griffin's plan; the plan to increase Hampton taxes to reward the State for their irresponsibility.

For details on the Budget Committee Candidacy of Jones, please see the candidacy announcement.

Jones also encourages voters to consider the recommendations of the "Yellow Sheet", though he disagrees with it's creators on a number of issues. Specifically Jones differs on their recommendations regarding Town Warrant Articles 17 & 18 - Jones recommends a no vote in support of previous voters' choices. Jones also disagrees with Hampton School District Warrant #4, believing it is absurd to spend over 1/2 million dollars to build only 2 classrooms, especially for a student population that is not increasing and expected to decrease in coming years. Jones does believe the Yellow Sheet is otherwise correct in general and appaulds their efforts to open discussion on issues rather than personalities when citizens consider how they should cast their votes.

The Hampton election is Tuesday (3/12/2013) 7am-8pm at Winnacunnet High School.

This election has a meaningful essential choice: Do you want the Town of Hampton to pay for the irresponsible behavior of the State?